BAM (Lars Neilsen) Who doesn’t enjoy a good detective story. Just getting absorbed by a good book, where the detective solves the mystery by discovering the three basic elements to get a conviction: Means, Opportunity and Motive. And two out of three isn’t going to cut it. It is the same with sales. We call […]

SSDAB current round

From our Director Dominic Barker. I’ve spent the last week or so working on a Local Radio Support Company project that involved looking through the applications for the next phase of Small Scale DAB multiplexes to be awarded. I know, it’s such an exciting life I lead these days. Reading through them, there are a […]

Small scale applications & awards

From our Director, John Dash . Ofcom are currently deciding on the ownership of 18 more local DAB multiplexes around the UK. This is the second of many rounds of deliberations over the next few years. The first round awards have already been decided with 25 places as diverse as Leeds, Edinburgh, the Isles of Scilly and […]

Local Radio Day

Today, Friday 15th October, is Local Radio Day, and we join with dozens of radio stations and businesses around the UK to celebrate.  Over the last ten years or so, we’ve repeatedly seen multiple pronouncements declaring “local radio is dead” and “no-one cares about local radio anymore”, we completely disagree! The previous model of local […]

The perfect salesperson

From our Director Lars Neilsen When looking at your current team or when hiring someone new, what are some characteristics for a great salesperson? Understand someone else’s motivation. What is the lead going to use the product for, why are they buying it? Paint the picture of post product usage, what will life look like […]

Music Royalties

UK Music royalties for commercial radio stations The way in which both PRS and PPL administer royalty payments is long established.  For clarity it is absolutely correct that publishers and artists should be rewarded for their creative work by broadcasters using their product to attract audiences. Beyond the above there is an emerging issue, and […]

Top 10 Presenter tips

Top 10 Presenter Tips Over the years I’ve worked with some fantastic talent, these include Clyde 1’s George Bowie, Hallam FM’s ‘Big John” Harrison, Virgin Radio’s Steve Denyer and BBC Radio Wales’ Jason Mohammad. We’ve listened to hours and hours of output together, and separately, with a clear focus on delivering the BIG thing that […]

Which Media?

Which media?…. Is trusted above others. Reaches millions. Tells stories. Plays music. Informs. Makes you smile. Does not require costly internet connection. Is largely available 24/7. Has every style and genre available. Is totally portable. We’re referring to radio of course.  Radio continues to evolve yet still has many unique aspects to it.  In the […]

3×4 steps to more short term revenue

3 x 4 steps to more short-term revenue New customers are the lifeblood of all businesses. But you have not got that much time right now to grow and develop new relationships – you need revenue, now! Marketing is about developing new leads and nurture existing customers. It is not about selling right now. So […]

Sales Tips for New stations

Sales tips for new stations For anybody launching a new radio station the “to do” list is, as they say, as long as your arm and as the owner the buck stops with you for most things. Head of programming, head of HR, head of social media, head of music etc etc, the list goes […]

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