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With a breadth of experience covering all aspects of setting up and running a radio station, The Local Radio Support team are uniquely placed to provide a one stop shop for solutions to the challenges you might be facing on your radio journey.

Programming - Marketing - Sales - Station Management - Licence Applications - Compliance - Accountancy - Legal - HR - Social Media - Web Development - Technical & Transmission - Grant Applications - Research

Programming – we’ve worked with a wide variety of station formats and have extensive experience in all aspects of creating the sound of a radio station. The Local Radio Support Company gives you access to senior level programmers who can help you with all the key challenges, from presenter coaching and music policy to creating an overall sound and feel for your radio station.

Marketing – the LRS team understand the importance of clearly identifying the target audience for your radio station and creating a communications plan that is designed to grow your audience. We have worked on both new station start-ups and established stations with a track record of generating substantial audience growth. We work closely with you to understand your goals and then put a detailed, measurable plan in place to achieve them.

Sales – having worked extensively in local, regional and national sales we know how challenging commercialising a radio station can be. With our experience we can help radio stations to develop a cohesive commercial strategy including pricing, media packs, advertising packages and commercial production. We can also assist with recruitment and sales training for your commercial team.

Station management – helping you through the challenges of managing a radio station. Running a radio station means wearing an awful lot of different hats at the same time – head of sales, head of programming, head of accounts – the list goes on. We have the experience to help you take some of those hats off for a while, helping you in coaching your team and creating a plan for success.

Licence applications – while there is no guarantee of success, our team has a lot of experience in successful license applications and we can offer hands on assistance throughout the application process for DSP, & C-DSP licences.

Compliance – running a radio station puts you under the spotlight of various governing bodies and so it’s important to get things right. Our experience means we can help you to stay on the right side of the regulators including Ofcom, PPL and PRS.

Accountancy – we work with highly experienced Finance Directors all with extensive radio experience. This means you have access to a level of experience that can help you proactively manage the finances of your radio station.

Legal – chances are you won’t need a legal eagle (and we hope you don’t) to help your radio station but should the need arise we are on hand to help you out. We work with a highly experienced commercial lawyer who has many years’ experience working in radio and understands the challenges that can come up.

HR – this another highly specialist area we can help with as you set up your station. We can work with you on the day to day HR needs of a business, contracting, interviewing, appraisals etc as well as guiding you on the red tape that you need to adhere to.

Social Media – deciding on a social media strategy is vital for any radio station and there are numerous options available. It’s a specialist and ever evolving area and one that we can most certainly help with both the planning and the execution of you social media strategy.

Web Development – a radio station website needs to incorporate a lot of specific features around play out and play back in addition to the standard features of any website. Our team can guide you on both the content that you need on your site as well as the functionality and commercial options.

Technical and transmission – getting your station on-air (and keeping it there) can present you with a minefield of options/providers. Across the team we have hands on experience of products from all of the major providers of playout systems, traffic software, logging, transmission chains and more to help you make the right choices.

Grant Applications – as we come out of the pandemic the government and local councils are determined to offer support to small and medium sized businesses and this includes radio stations. There are a number of grants potentially available and we can guide you through the processes and advise on the best approach to give you a good chance of being successful.

Research – whether it’s your audience, music, brand or anything else we can deliver a credible analysis of your success.


(Including revenue generation for your station using IRIS & AIMS)

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