• Huge opportunities for new local stations of all types, in most areas.
  • Over 200 new SSDAB multiplexes.
  • Each multiplex can carry many stations.
  • Online only opportunities are huge too with the continued growth in use of smart devices.
  • The Local Radio Support Company formed to provide holistic support to new stations.



  • The Local Radio Support Company brings together a highly experienced team of radio professionals.
  • Advice and support from concept stage, through launch and ongoing operation.
  • One-stop shop for solutions to all manner of challenges.
  • As well as the core team we have an extensive network of world class contacts in all disciplines.



  • Main team of four media business leaders, one of whom will be your point of contact.
  • Over 100 years of experience in core team.
  • Experienced in working in groups and stations of all sizes.
  • Demonstrable track record of complimentary skills across the main team.



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