The image shows listening to LRS/DAX partner stations on 18 January 2024 at 1pm.

This project is growing very quickly, contact us to include your station. A great example of smaller independent stations being stronger together. Join us!

We have a commercial deal with DAX (the Global owned digital advertising exchange) and with RCS which, for the first time, will enable smaller independent stations to monetise on-line listening.  So what do you get? ….


Until now it has been very difficult for a small operator to benefit from the growing ad market, especially in programmatic advertising. Now, thanks to this groundbreaking deal with DAX and RCS, we can bundle your online listenership along with many more stations to deliver a cumulatively significant radio audience that is attractive to national advertisers.

Once your station is set up correctly, if you have FM, DAB or AM output nothing changes, you still sell your airtime in the local market and it gets played out in the same way as it always did.

The difference is with your online channels and apps, they will carry ads from DAX. These will primarily be national and regional advertisers but can be targeted too. To give you an idea, in tests we have received ads from the likes of BT, the Government and the National Lottery.

How does it work?
The good news is all of the hard work has already been done for you. The system just needs your station to feed a dedicated stream which will be provided to you free of charge by our partners at RCS using their Revma streaming platform.

All you then have to do is insert silent ad triggers into your schedules at appropriate times. This part is relatively simple on most scheduling and programming systems. As a member of LRS you will get full instructions and after a little testing (off air) you should be good to go. We anticipate most will not need it, but if you do need extended support this can be provided for a small set up fee. Please be aware the free dedicated stream is for ad-insertion, you’ll probably want to use an existing stream for traditional transmitter based distribution.

How will you get paid?
When you sign up to the LRS programmatic network you’ll be asked to sign a simple contract. Once set up, ads will start to play on your online channels and apps. All ads played on your station are logged through our DAX console providing a monthly statement of the revenue generated by your station. Once you receive your monthly statement you will need to invoice us. Please note that 69% of the total revenue generated goes directly to stations, the remaining 31% goes to our partners and to LRS to cover our time and costs.

Our FAQ summary which should answer most questions is here – FAQ

As you can imagine, we are anticipating a huge amount of interest from radio stations so please register your interest online by following this link – DAXenquiry – and we will get the ball rolling for you.

We believe this is truly a game changing opportunity for SSDAB and online stations throughout the UK and we’d love you to be part of it.

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