BAM (Lars Neilsen)

Who doesn’t enjoy a good detective story. Just getting absorbed by a good book, where the detective solves the mystery by discovering the three basic elements to get a conviction:

Means, Opportunity and Motive. And two out of three isn’t going to cut it.

It is the same with sales.

We call it getting the BAM.

Budget: Your lead must have the money to buy what you’re selling. We’ve all been there, hearing the phrase “I wish I could afford it, then I would”.

Authority: Your lead must be able to decide. Not in a committee or ask someone else for permission first. You need to talk to the person signing the dotted line.

Motivation: Your lead must be able to use what you sell, and see the purchase is going to make their life better, faster, easier, more lucrative etc. You must be able to answer why they’re buying.

And two out of three isn’t going to cut it. It takes all three to get a signature.

And following a process, incorporating this simple tool into your sales methodology will get your team better results. Guaranteed!

We’d like to help you implement this and other tools, to increase your revenue. 

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