From our Director, John Dash .

Ofcom are currently deciding on the ownership of 18 more local DAB multiplexes around the UK. This is the second of many rounds of deliberations over the next few years. The first round awards have already been decided with 25 places as diverse as Leeds, Edinburgh, the Isles of Scilly and the Welsh Valleys preparing for dozens of new radio stations.

With each multiplex offering transmission for twenty or so stations, this really does open up the airwaves, so standby for lots and lots more radio.

There’ll clearly be loads more locally focussed stations, but there’ll also be much more for underserved audiences and genres, of all ages and backgrounds.

But with the cost of entry being so low, in comparison with regional DAB transmission, and technological advances making programme making so much more affordable, there’ll also be the opportunity for those adventurous entrepreneurs to try out new radio formats.

These can, and often do, sound most unlikely when they first come to our attention. In recent times these have included stations for builders – Fix Radio, for podcast fans – Podcast Radio, for the NHS and care workers – Care Radio, for accountants – Aspen Waite Radio, and even for lovers of cheesy pop music – Cheesy FM. I’ve even heard talk of Pet FM, Property Radio and Shakespeare Sound!

Some will fly, others will fail, but the one thing I know is there’s no shortage of creativity, passion and most importantly listeners here in the UK.

We here at Local Radio Support can help if you’re thinking of starting a radio station, or we can assist if you’re already in the process.

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